Interactive Table Viewer request

I requested this many years ago, and surprised to see many additions to KNIME but still no improvements to one of the most used viewer nodes.

Please can you allow rows to be dragged up and down, like is possible with columns.
Additionally, please can you provide keyboard shortcuts to allow HiLiting, instead of having to go to the menu everytime.

Finally, when dragging columns left or right, with structures present, there is a bug where the column does not always land where your cursor is, it seems to lag behind the cursor.



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Hi Simon,

so far reordering rows in the table view is not planned for development. However we have an open feature request for exactly this in the new Tile View (named Card View in 3.7.0, but will be renamed in 3.7.1). A user would reorder the cards and the output table would reflect this new sorting order. Maybe this is also what you’re looking for?

As to the other problem with column sorting, I could so far not reproduce this. Can you tell me on which OS you are working and which KNIME AP version you are using?


This only happens when chemical structures are present AND visible in the table. If you then drag a data column left or right, it lags behind the cursor and drops in at the incorrect position.
This is on a Windows 7 PC.