Interactive Value Filter Widget on two tables.

Hello all,
I have two tables which have one same column. I want to use Interactive value filter widget to filter both tables based on that (same) column. I am using filter apply to have the same filter applied to the 2nd table too. However by using filter apply, all interactivity is lost on the 2nd table. Is there some alternative to solve that issue?

Hello @nicks !
On my KNIME works fine.
Did you update to 4.0.2?

There was a problem with the filter apply node that should have been fixed in the last release.

File > Update KNIME… then restart and the problem should be gone.


Hello @paolotamag,
I am using Knime 4.0.2 as well. The interactivity applies only to the table viewer that is directly connected to the Filter widget and not to the table viewer that is connected with the filter apply. You can see that in the results below:

I created this component and it works for me.
What did I miss?
Drag and drop it in your workflow from the Web Browser (drag image of component just like if it was in the node repository) to see it in your KAP.

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Your issue, as the @ipazin suggested offline, is that you did not connect the interactive nominal filter to the table view. It only works if you are connecting the data port too beside the filter port. :slight_smile: In my component that is what i am doing by the way…

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as I mentioned in my post, the issue is that I want to apply a filter to 2 tables not just one as you are doing in your component.
So, any solution on that matter?

Unfortunately at the moment you can apply the filter (interactive kind & workflow kind) only on a same table going through both widget and filter apply node. However there are a couple of workarounds:

  • Joining the two tables together then using the filter on a column and then displaying in the table views only the columns belonging to the original tables separately.

  • Joining the two tables together then using two GroupBy nodes with hiliting option on (checkbox in first panel of GroupBy dialogue) then displaying the two table views of the original table. For Nominal filtering you can then use an additional GroupBy with hiliting option on a single single string column you want to filter with on and then select with a table view. This is basically transforming a selection event to custom filter event.

For this last example I created a component for you as it is a bit complex.

I set the table views to “Show selected rows only” and the filter table view to “single selection”.
You can change these settings opening Table Views dialogues.

You can find this hiliting option in many data manipulation nodes (yellow ones) so once you get the hang of it you can make many complex things with it.


@paolotamag, thanks the workaround is a sufficient solution at the moment.
It would be nice, however, to develop the apply filter in order to be interactive.


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