Interactive View (e.g. Plotly) does not open properly

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the plotly interactive viewer window does not open properly but “remains” just a thumbnail in the icon bar. Within the thumbnail the graph is shown correctly! So, just the window is not opened to his “proper” size.

I do observe this behavior on a freshly downloaded (as a zip file) KNIME 4.2.1 on the computer of a colleague. Using the same workflow on my computer (KNIME 4.2.0) the Plotly window opens fine. The same happens when using the Java Script BarChart Node.

Both laptops use Windows 10 as OS, the KNIME preferences for Javascript Views are the same, the Chromium version on both laptops is 83. (The SWT browser does not show the plotly graph at all but an empty window on my computer). Both laptops are administered by our IT department.

Any idea where we might search?

Thank you very much for your ideas.

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just as an additional info:
We are using the Desktop version …

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Dear all,

there was a hint in the forum already… (Chromium issue)

You can observe that undesired behaviour, if you are using two screens …

My major learning… use the forum more intensively… :slight_smile:

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