Interactive View Java Fatal Error

Hi everyone,

I updated KNIME from 3.7 to 4.0.2. After 4.0.1 or later I could not view interactive view for Java nodes or retrieve image from them. KNIME generated an error log respect to this issue (attached).

hs_err_pid14868.txt (46.7 KB)

Is there anyone faces same issue and solution to it?

Here is knime log file.
knime.txt (66.7 KB)

Thanks a lot for help already!

Did you install a new version of KNIME 4.x or did you update your 3.7.2 install to 4.x? If the latter, please do the former.

Are you running with multiple monitors?

What happens if you change to a different browser selection in Preferences → KNIME → JavaScript Views?


@quaeler thank you for help. Unfortunately, to shortcut IT protocols I did rather update it and did latter. I am running single monitor.

When I changed browser selection, it worked. I can monitor views now.

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