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I have been playing around with KNIME now for a week or two to see if we can use it in our company. It looks promising so far, however there is one thing regarding views that I can not really seem to understand…

In easy terms, I am trying to create a way for me to interactively set input values and be presented with and will be presented with some result. As a MWE I created a view that will display a power function of a degree that I can specify. I attached the workflow.

So perhaps I am with a completely wrong approach to this, but what I then do is, I select “Execute and Open Views” and get presented with the plot of a linear function. Now, when I increment the exponent and select apply, nothing happens. If I now select “Interactive View: Plot” from the context menu of the component, I get a new view, showing the parabola, as desired. Now the interesting part. If I now will change the exponent in either of the two views and click “Apply”, the other view is updated.

I am running KNIME 4.0.1 locally on Windows 10 (1803).

So, the questions here:

  • Am I misunderstanding the concept of views? Is this observed behavior a bug or a feature?
  • Should, in general, this workflow create the results as expected? Did I set it up wrong?
  • What would be the “right” (or a working) way to achieve what I want?achieve this (if possible)?

Thanks for your help!

plot.knwf (11.9 KB)

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Hi there @simonhk,

welcome to KNIME Community Forum! Hope you are enjoying KNIME :slight_smile:

To my knowledge only two nodes are interactive meaning other view nodes of downstream of that nodes can receive interactive filter events and those are: Interactive Range Slider Filter Widget and Interactive Value Filter Widget. So using Integer Widget won’t refresh your line plot. Now to how you can use those nodes to get what you want check this Component. What I have done here is calculated wanted powers in a loop and concatenated everything into one column. Then adding above mentioned Value Filter node before Line Plot gives you possibility to chose power which automatically refresh plot :wink:

Regarding views and interactivity - this is area where lot of new features and functionalities have been developed lately (and still is developing) so I don’t think there is something like “best practices” or “way of working” for it. Results from these nodes can be seen either through Interactive View action or on WebPortal so development also depends on that factor. Any feedback is welcome.

Two things to add. First, for visualization example workflows you can check KNIME Hub. Second, when two views from same component are open and changes in one reflects on other view - not sure and will check it.

Happy KNIMEing!


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Hi Ivan,

thanks a lot for your answer. I am still enjoying KNIME and am getting a better understanding of how to do things the “KNIME way”.

Thank you very much for the example workflow! This was illustrative.

All the best,


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