Interactivity in Knime

Is it possible to enable user interactivity in Knime? I would like to be able to manually review the predictions of a model, assigning them into ‘Yes, that’s correct’ and ‘No, you got that wrong’. At the moment I have to export the predictions into Excel, open that file, add a Yes/No column, populate it, then re-import the Excel into Knime, then proceed from there… is there an easier way within Knime? I get the impression that the answer may lie in QuickForms, but these do not seem to work in Desktop (a window flashes open then closes, within a 0.1 second). I only have Desktop, I cannot afford Server or Portal… is there any solution?

Hi @Mick,

There are a few ways you can do basic table editing just with KNIME analytics platform on your desktop.

The most direct way is to use the Table Editor node. This opens a view of the input data table that you can edit.

You can use a Constant Value Column node before this if you want to add a new blank column to add your verifications to.


If you(or anyone else reading this topic) wanted to try to build something fancier you can play with the Labeling View node as well.


Thank you Corey, that’s just what I needed to know. I have also just discovered the Table View (Javascript) node, which also allows manual selection of records - I also realised that I have to set the Knime Settings > Javascript option from ‘Google Chrome browser’ to ‘built-in Chromium browser’, then the pop-up windows will persist and no longer flash up and then disappear in an instant.


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