Interactivity Value Filter Widget node is not working, string specs is not define


Is anyone have a problem with the Interactivity Value Filter Widget node? This has been bothering me for quite some weeks already, the filter widget will show empty regardless the node itself or inside a component, it seems like the node not able to read the string category.

When I check on the input flow, this is what I found.
I actually have data but the string spec doesn’t recognize it, what mistake did I have made and how can I solve this? :frowning:

Huey Yng

Hello @hueyyng,

if you check node’s description you’ll find following:
“Note that the filter uses the possible values set on a nominal column’s domain as configuration. To ensure the values are reflected and sorted correctly the Domain Calculator and/or Edit Nominal Domain nodes can be used beforehand.”

What does that actually means check here:

Hope this helps!



Hi @ipazin ,

Thanks for your quick reply, this is quick and easy. Problem solve now, thank you!

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