Interest Rate Payment

Hi Everyone;

Im trying to create this looping into Knime, I do have a code for excel but I need to calculate it for millions of contracts,

So, I have two options open all bonds in their cash flows, or the following formula:

Public Function VP_Bullet(DtRef, Vcto As Date, Tx, Base, Saldo, Parcela)

VP_Acum = 0

    VP_Acum = Parcela / ((1 + Tx) ^ ((Vcto - DtRef) / Base)) + VP_Acum
    Saldo = Saldo - Parcela
    If Vcto - DtRef < 30 Then
            Vcto = Vcto - 30
    End If

Loop Until Saldo <= 1

VP_Bullet = VP_Acum

End Function

Is there someway to apply the same looping in knime?

Hi @Maths777 welcome to the KNIME forum

I don’t know your input data, but I think it is possible with a Recursive Loop. See examples at the KNIME Hub.
gr. Hans

Hi @Maths777 -

If you can provide a sample input dataset, along with what you would expect your output to look like, maybe someone can help you come up with an example workflow.

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