Internet Connection after installation


We have determined that KNIME tries to connect to the KNIME server after the installation via the Internet.
Our IT is somewhat worried about it.
Can you explain the purpose of this connection in detail?
Are these Version Checks, Updates?

Thanks in advance

Hi Dieter,

nice to meet you!

There are three things: First check for available updates and second on the start page there is an section called Tipps and Tricks, those we get from our webpage to be able to regularly update them.

Third are our usage statistics. If you accept to send us usage statistics, those are send with every shut down as well.

Does this help? 

Best, Iris


Hello. I have a similar concern, I need to prevent connection to the internet when normally opening and running the analytics platform. How can I do that?
Additionally, I would need to get rid of the security warning which is given when launching the platform ui. The warning (The current webpage is trying to open a site on the Internet. Do you want to allow this?) blocks loading of the ui until yes or no is clicked and I need to run a workflow from command line, without clicking yes or no. Removing the proxy settings did not help.
Thank you in advance.