Interpret a data report item as pure HTML code

Hello everybody,

I am quite a beginner in KNIME, and I would like to create a report with data, where I inserted this text:

"<p>You can download here the result files:</p>
<li><a href="file:/home/admin/knime-workspace/Lambda_Virus/bowtie2_align/align-results.sam" target="_blank">align-results.sam</a></li>
<li><a href="file:/home/admin/knime-workspace/Lambda_Virus/bowtie2_align/align-results.bam" target="_blank">align-results.bam</a></li>
<li><a href="file:/home/admin/knime-workspace/Lambda_Virus/bowtie2_align/align-results.sorted.bam" target="_blank">align-results.sorted.bam</a></li>
<li><a href="file:/home/admin/knime-workspace/Lambda_Virus/bowtie2_align/align-results.raw.bcf" target="_blank">align-results.raw.bcf</a></li>

However, when I put this data in the report designer, it is not interpreted as pure HTML. For example, "<p>" becomes "&quot;&lt;p&gt;".

Do you know if there is an option to interpret this text as HTML, or another better way to dynamically list file download links?

Thanks for your help!

Ok I found how to fix it:

  1. Insert a table linked to a table (data to report) with the list of URLS and file names
  2. Insert a text data report in "Detail Row"
  3. In the text editor, choose "Dynamic Text"
  4. Click on "VALUE OF"
  5. Choose "Available Column Bindings", and pick the data you want to insert

By this way, you can insert data in your text, and format it as HTML.

I am open to other solutions if you have!

Hi Emmanuel,

no this is what I would do as well. However, the first part of you html would be one item. Than there would be the table and may another item afterwards.



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