Introduce Yourself

If you are new to this community, please use this thread to introduce yourself to others.

I’ll start - my name is Scott, and I’m the Data Science Community Manager here at KNIME. My job is to help everyone in our community use our software better, by making sure you know about the wide variety of resources that KNIME provides.

As of this writing, I’ve been at KNIME for about 5 years, working as a Data Scientist with both the Evangelism and Customer Care teams. In my previous jobs, I worked as an environmental consultant, focusing on numerical modeling of atmospheric pollutants. But now I get to spread the word about applied data science with KNIME, which is great fun.

Whether you’re a KNIME newbie or a grizzled old-timer - we’re glad to have you here!


Hi everyone! It’s Mengyuan here!

I’m a data scientist and mainly working on text processing area. I have been using KNIME on a daily basis since 2020.

My KNIME journey started from the L1 KNIME online courses, and now I have gained most of the official KNIME certificates. I am also active in attending the KNIME webinars, where I gain new knowledge from different fields.

Using KNIME makes data analysis much easier. I am glad to see the growing KNIME community!


Hi everybody! Cal here.

I’ve been a KNIME user since my college days, but dropped off since 2020. Picked it up again recently and I’m pleasantly surprised by the changes!

Looking forward to contributing!


Hi everybody,
I’m Laurent Javaudin and i study Data Science.


I am at beginner level of using knime… my string to document node is missing… how to install extensions.

Hello, my name is Chris , I am new to this community and new to Knime.


Hi - I’m Laurence and, although I have used many other languages, I am new to Knime. I shall probably be asking for assistance quite frequently. When it is forthcoming, hope that my gratitude will be commensurate with the novelty of the response.


Hello everyone, It’s Azeez here!

I’m a data scientist and working on processing area. Im a beginner in KNIME and im excited to be here and also learn new courses.


Hai everyone. I’m Corry, a student who now learning about data modelling and visualization this term. Thank you.


Hi, everyone,
as a physician I am very impressed by the power of Knife.

Currently I’m engaged with research project using machine learning, eg. Random forest. I’d appreciate, if I could get support and find research partner here.



Hi everyone,
I’m Marziya and I am at beginner level of using KNIME.
I didn’t know where should post my first topic.
here is my quesion that I posted about an hour ago.
here is the link
could anybody help me?
thank you

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Olá bom dia. Sou Eder Analista de sistemas e busco em conhecer mais sobre a ferramenta.


Olá pessoal,

Me chamo Denis, trabalho com email marketing, CRM, entregabilidade e analise de dados.

Atuo como consultor e analista sênior em multiplas empresas, com foco em performance e manipulação de dados para melhor aproveitamento e direcionamento em diferentes canais e mídias.

Faz pouco tempo que uso Knime, já usei outras ferramentas como pentaho e powerbi para elaboração de dashboards e clusterização de contatos e entendo que Knime tem um grande potencial para este mercado a ser explorado.

Tento contribuir com o grupo da melhor forma possível sobre meus conhecimentos e limitações até então, sempre aprendendo e repassando conhecimento.

Espero poder ajudar sempre e receber a maravilhosa contribuição dos membros aqui presentes.

Obrigado, Denis

Hey guys,

My name is Denis, I work with email marketing, CRM, deliverability and data analysis.

I work as a consultant and senior analyst in multiple companies, focusing on performance and data manipulation for better use and targeting in different channels and media.

I’ve only been using Knime for a short time, I’ve already used other tools like pentaho and powerbi to create dashboards and cluster contacts and I understand that Knime has great potential for this market to be explored.

I try to contribute to the group in the best possible way about my knowledge and limitations so far, always learning and passing on knowledge.

I hope I can always help and receive the wonderful contribution of the members present here.

Thanks, Dennis


Hello everyone!

My name is Barbara and I work in research and data analysis. I am a JMP user but I started with SAS and then a little bit of R. I see a high potential for Knime in many companies or places… I hope we can contribute together. I started to learn about knime on December 22… however, I didn’t have much time to develop deeper on knime to replace my knowledge of the other software.

Looking forward to learning more and challenging the expert ones.


Hello KNIME Community members.

My name is Jeff. I work in the Seattle area, and I’ve been using KNIME daily for the last 18 months or so. Primarily doing data quality, data comparison, data integrity analysis, and control reporting in Salesforce.

I’ve used many data analysis tools including Alteryx, Analytics Canvas, Datamartist, SQL, and Excel Power Query. I’ve found KNIME to be a tough initial “climb” to figure out how to do certain things like filtering records, computing values, etc. But, after you begin to realize everything is possible, it may just take 4 steps in KNIME versus one-or-two in another tool, you start to really appreciate how quickly you can setup and operate KNIME data flows to help your team and customers get quick and accurate answers from a variety of data sources.

I’m hoping to engage the KNIME community for some advice on specific functions/nodes in KNIME as I find the documentation is not comprehensive. But generally, I’ve been able to figure things out with trial-and-error. That said, I’m happy to contribute and add some calm reassurance to anyone hoping to use KNIME and finding the challenge is frustrating them.

Here’s to hoping all our KNIME journeys are successful! - Jeff


I am Mamudu Hamidu From Ghana West Africa. I did tried KNIME sometimes ago but now interested in using it more for my activities.



My name is Gunnar and I live in Umeå, Sweden. I have been using KNIME since about 2016. At the time I was working with a data warehouse system that did a lot of it’s integrations by file transfer. I found KNIME to be a practical tool to compare the collected files with what’s been actually accepted by the system. KNIME is a super neat scratch pad and a real time saver!

Nowadays I use KNIME with my own plugin, which loads up Armed Bear Common Lisp. It’s a complete interactive lisp environment running in the same JVM as KNIME, with few new nodes and utilities added to bridge the gap. This is probably a pretty unusual use case for KNIME, but still, a really nice fit and what I use every day.

Happy computing!


Hey, I am Mark Pierce and live on the east coast of the USA. I do Fractional CFO / Management Consulting work, but I am heavy on the tech side as well. My company iCFO is designed to drive positive change in organizations through creative ideas, strategic planning, sophisticated budgeting and reporting, systems and solutions development, implementation strategies, and data driven management systems.

I am a daily KNIME user for client tasks like Audits, Budgeting, Process Automation, Systems Integration, Analysis, Reporting, Website Management and Database Management. I am also currently converting my company’s interactive granular budgeting software over to the KNIME platform as well.

KNIME has been a real game changer for me since converting from Alteryx a few years back. I try to pay it forward by getting the word out about KNIME whenever I can, and helping others here on the forum when I have time. I believe that KNIME AP should be as ubiquitous as Excel and leveraged in every size and type of organization.

I am also one of those guys with a ton of hobbies… Fly fishing, rod building, fly tying, home brewing, electronics, playing / building various instruments, and writing and recording music.


(english’s version more below)

Olá pessoal!!

Meu nome é Eduardo Marchesin, trabalhei por mais de 10 anos em empresa multinacional como Gerente Financeiro na área de Apoio à Decisão e Análise, fornecendo informações relacionadas a OTC (Order To Cash), abrangendo a América Latina reportando aos EUA.
Trabalhei com Business Intelligence, KPI’s, métricas e relatórios operacionais.
Tenho experiência com SAP BusinessObject, BI Tools (Tableau/PowerBI), Analytics Tools (Alteryx),
SQL (Oracle / MS-SQL / SnowFlake), SAP ERP, SalesForce, QuickSight (AWS), e agora estou começando com o Knime. Agora criei uma empresa de consultoria em BI.


Hi everyone!!

My name is Eduardo Marchesin, I’m from Brazil, I have worked for 10+ years at multinational company as Finance Manager at Decision Support & Analysis area, providing information related to OTC (Order To Cash), covering Latin America reporting to USA.
I have worked with Business Intelligence, KPI’s, Metrics and Operational reports.
I have experience with SAP BusinessObject, BI Tools (Tableau / PowerBI), Analytics Tools (Alteryx),
SQL (Oracle / MS-SQL / SnowFlake), SAP ERP, SalesForce, QuickSight (AWS), and now I’m starting with Knime. Now I set up a BI Consulting Company.

Best Regards,