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Hi everyone! :wave:

My name is Andra. I’m currently working on my Chemistry Doctorate :woman_scientist: and want to broaden my skills, especially for automation in processing data outputs from several measuring instruments in the lab where I do my research.

I would love to provide myself and fellow students with KNIME workflows for transforming the often weird or unwieldy data :floppy_disk: outputs of some of our (often older, sometimes newer) measuring instruments for easy evaluation and visualization.

In general, I am really interested in data science roles for my later career :briefcase: and want to explore this possibility further by using KNIME for my studies.

Appreciate your time and help!

Talk to you soon.



Hi everyone,
I am Lemnaro, a research scholar and, recently started using knime from February 2023, I wanted to build a ml model for my study and found various papers where knime has been used thus starting my own journey with it.However, I am struggling abit. Hoping I can get valuable response from the community.


Hi all

I am Florian and I work in marketing research and consumer insights for Samsung Switzerland and Samsung Austria. I aim to dive more into the topic of advanced customer analytics, which letd me to Knime.
I am a total newby, but very keen on using Knime much more in the future, mainly for 2 general use cases: 1) automating flows and ETL tasks on customer data and 2) modeling customer data

Looking forward to e-meeting the commuity.



I am Bathery new to knime. I am salesforce sysadmin/integration developer. Trying to figure out how to integrate salesforce and knime and extract data and schedule it. Please direct me if there is a link to get started knime with salesforce.


My name is Yakubu, I am a Professor of Construction Management. I am seeking to explore the possibilities of embedding data mining techniques in my area of specialization. That is why I am here. To get acquainted with KNIME and see how I could apply it in artificial intelligence research. Thank you.



Hello, my name is Wilson, I’m Brazilian, I work as a consultant using Knime to solve my duties


Hi all,

Thank you Scott for presenting this platform to us!

I’m Tristan, an undergraduate in Business-IT from The Netherlands with experience in programming and working with data. Currently, I have been working at a large B2B-oriented warehousing company for 3 years.

KNIME was recommended to me by Chat-GPT! I was having problems managing data for my projects, so I asked Chat-GPT to recommend some open source tools to me and that is how I found KNIME. My personal opinion is that MS PowerQuery and Microsoft do not provide the right tools to do data sampling and working flexibly with data locally. My hope is that with KNIME, I can truly take working with data to the next level. I’m ready to get started!

I hope to see us all grow and develop great things.

Kind regards,
Tristan de Roo


Hi Yakubu,

So how has that been going? :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


My name is Marcel, and I am a KNIME user for 1 year and 10 months. My journey with KNIME started when I changed my job. I had several years’ experience with other analytics platforms at that moment.
I found KNIME very easy to use and in 2 months I already took my first certification (L1). This year I managed to continue the certification program and during the KNIME Spring Summit 2023 I took the other 3 certifications (L2, L3 and L4).
In September I graduate KNIME Certified Trainer program, and I have created the KNIME community in Romania.
My goal for 2024 is to promote KNIME in high schools by hosting trainings and sharing my experience with KNIME with students.




Hi, I’m Antoine. I’m a scientist interested in using KNIME to experiment with machine learning, chemo and bioinformatic.
I enjoy the simplicity and clarity of it and it’s easy to transfer knowledge to someone without coding experience.


Hello, Mehmet Ali here!

I am a data enthusiast and a career changer who is also a master student in Data and Discource studies at TU Darmstadt. I am interested in learning how to become data literate first and also involve in the community. I am not a stranger to open source concept as I also spent some time with Drupal as well. What I am expecting from here is to learn, enlarge my network in the data community and also contribute as much as my skills and conditions allow me to do it!

I live in Gießen, Gemany and it would be nice to be aware of events and meeting in Rhein-Main area. Also, I would like to contact any college communities within TU Darmstadt, Justus -Liebig University or THM.

Thank you!


Hi all, I’m Lee from the UK. I’m totally new to the area of data science and came across Knime when doing some idle surfing on the subject.

I started using it a little a while back and now want to really get into it by using the tutorials and creating workflows. Is that a good place to start?

If anyone has any advice on how to get into this field and what I should be learning, I’m an open book. If you want to get in touch to say hi, that would be great too.


Edit: I turned this list into a small snippet article:

@lrobinson welcome to the KNIME forum. I would recommend to take a look at these resources.

KNIME Getting Started Guide

Or see a small collection of videos: “Intro to KNIME Analytics Platform Version 5

KNIME Courses - Learning Paths
The various paths that are available to learn for different roles in KNIME like Data Scientist or Data Engineer

You find the self-paced courses here (

KNIME — Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence— A Collection

At the end of this article there are some books and links to a collection of basic YouTube videos about KNIME. If you are into videos you can also start here:

KNIME Version 5 - video collection

KNIME Version 4 - video collection

Learn data science with resources for all learner types

And if you want to explore more there is a broad collection of books. Also if you already know a platform like Excel or SAS and want to use KNIME.


@mlauber71 Thank you so much. I’ve been doing the L1 part and find it really interesting. I’ll look at the other stuff you recommend as well. Thanks once again for making a newbie feel welcome. :smile:


My current role involves mostly using the M365 suite of software, so I’ll certainly be looking into those books.