Invalid Error message when executing the workflow in Analytic platform

I’m having a strange problem. when I execute all the nodes in a workflow, all nodes executed successfully,but when I execute the workflow i get error message, which makes no sense…

Below is the error message in the job:
There are messages for workflow “KNIME_EXCELLUS_scoing_final 2020-05-15 13.55.32”
CSV Reader 7:29 - ERROR: Execute failed: Can’t access ‘knime://knime.mountpoint/Data/Input_Excellus_CST/CS_Excellus_data.csv’. (http://KNIMEPS.POPHEALTHCARE.US:8080/knime/rest/v4/repository/Data/Input_Excellus_CST/CS_Excellus_data.csv:data)

Interesting point is that I’m NOT trying to access that CSV and as I said all the nodes executed successfully when I execute them workflow editor

Looks like these are stale messages as I have used that files in previous workflow

Can someone help?


Is it possible that when KNIME was opened disc cleaner or such was activated and deleted temp files? Try to create new WF and copy current content in it. Then check if message will appear.

Nevermind, problem is solved. Workflow editor had one unnecessary node at an extreme corner, which can’t be seen unless i scroll the slide bar.


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