Invoking a math operation on a list of columns

I have a table where I want to divide a subset of it's columns by a constant value (taht is available to me as a varialble).

How do I go about doing that?

I took the table and fed it into a column list loop start. I selected a few columns to be 'included' in the iteration. I am then feeding the output to a Math formula node. , I would expect there to be a variable representing the 'current coulmn' but I can't see anything resembling it. What am I missing?

In the loop, re-name the column using the column rename (regex) node with match string .* and replace 'data column'.

Then in the math formula node, you input column will always be called 'data column'.

After the formula node, use another column rename (regex) with a match string 'data column' and the replacement set to the current loop iteration flow variable which contains the column name.



There should be a flow variable called "currentColumnName" which you can use in your expression (and as column to be replaced), but you'll need to craft the full expression to be used with a "Java Edit Variable" node.


Thanks s.roughley, this did the trick!