IRR component

Hi, I’m trying to install the new IRR component but with the drag & drop nothing happens. Do you know how I can do to use this component?

Hi @monica_bove and welcome to the forum.

Drag-and-drop for components isn’t quite working right with KNIME 5.1 (although a fix is coming soon). In the meantime, you could try downloading and importing a workflow including the component like the one below, then copy-pasting the component where you need it.

Sorry for the trouble!

Hi, when I try to run node I get the following error message:

ERROR Table Row to Variable 12:32:0:1667:0:1700:0:1690 Execute failed: Missing values are not allowed for data types without a default value. – column “Output location” (index 0)


Can you upload your workflow in progress so that someone can look into it further? In this case I don’t think the single error message will be sufficient to understand what’s going on.

the problem is that i also have this error when i run the workflow you mentioned above, so i don’t know if it could be that i’m missing some java libraries

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