Is it possible to build a workflow in windows desktop and then export/import into linux environment?

We have been using KNIME desktop for several months but are planning to migrate to a linux server.  We are hoping that the workflows we have built in the desktop version can be exported and then imported into the new linux environment but have not tried yet.  Does anyone know if this is possible or has anyone tried successfully?



Generally speaking, this is no problem so long as the nodes you use are available on your target operating system (For example, the SAS reader and Spotfire Integration are windows only). 

Also, if you are using hard-coded paths, there may be some issue there but I guess that is true for any sort of migration.  If you do run into any problems, let us know here and we'll try to help.



I can second Aaron's answer. There's never been any issue in transferring exported workflows between windows<->linux.

After exporting workflows with data sometimes the path to files in input nodes MAY be an issue.