Is it possible to embed PCA variable projection into PMML models?

Dear KNIMErs,

Anybody of you knows if it would be possible to include the PCA variable projection inside a PMML model? I'm thinking to a sort of PCA node set similar to the one already present in the Mining repository but dealing with PMML objects so that the PCA projection can be directly embedded into a PMML model. Similarly to what happens with the PMML normalization nodes. Is that possible?



Hi Gio, 

Unfortunately not, but you can use the model reader/writer nodes to save your PCA model for use in other KNIME Workflows.  


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your answer. Just an additional question: do you know if it's impossible to do that, meaning that PMML does not support it, or if it's something that can be developed in the future?

I think it would be great if that would be possible, because you have everything embedded in a single PMML model. Just like the descriptors normalization.

Thanks for any clarification!