Is it possible to execute java script function by using knime node.


Is there any knime node available to call the javascript function before calling the external Tool Node. I saw the Generic javascript view .But it doesn't provide the output port .Awaiting for the valuable responce.




it depends on what you want to do. The Generic Javscript node is essentially a view node, which does not necessarilly process data but is supposed to visualize it. Maybe you can elaborate on your use case?

If the Javascript is programmed so that the view is interactive (we include <input> DOM elements and add listeners to change the view), will it still work as intended?

P.S. I want to make an intereactive D3 Visualization.

I posted some time ago a solution to use plotly.js based interactive visualizations in KNIME via a Generic Javascript node. Since plotly.js is based on D3, it may give you a head-start on what you want to achieve.

Here is the link to the post. Hope it helps.