Is it possible to execute nodes with a start command one after the other?

Hello all,

The green double arrow starts all nodes, but here they are all executed at the same time. However, my laptop does not have enough memory for this calculation.

ist it possibel to execute nodes with a start command one after the other?

THanks in Advance!

BR Joris

Hi Joris,

You could use flow variables between the nodes you want to execute sequentially. If you connect a flow variable from node A to B, B will just be executed when A has finished.

Does this help?



Hi @qqilihq,

Yes, that would also solve the problem, Thank You!

I had only assumed that such a function might already be integrated directly into Knime?

BR Joris


If you have problems with memory (I suppose you mean RAM and not hard drive) try to select “Write tables to disc” in the Memory Policy tab of the nodes.

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Isn’t that the default behavior? KNIME always runs sequentially unless we force it to behave differently
Maybe I am missing something here. THanks

Depends on your workflow structure – when you “branch”, but connecting two nodes to one output port, they’ll run parallel. In this case, the flow variables as described above make sense, if you want to control the execution behavior!

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