Is it possible to generate a separate graph for each "by group"?

I want to group a dataset into separate countries and then generate a separate barchart for each country.  Is that possible?  I read through the documentation and have played with the program some but haven't seen a way to accomplish this task.  Any guidance would be welcome.

Thanks in advance, Henry

There is a special node for custom grouping operations, have you tried the group loop start node yet?  This should get you what you need.  You can pair it with various loop end nodes depending on your use case. 




Hi Henry,

in addition to Aarons suggestion, I recommend the JFreeChart nodes from the similarly named extension. They can output their graphs as images, so you can store graphs in tables or use them as input for a writer. You could even use other extensions to manipulate these images, and there might even be the possibility to turn a bunch of them into an animation.

The only downside: The functionality differs widely from the "standard" graphing nodes, mainly in how interactive they are.