Is it possible to import visio files with extension vsd or some other files with a abd externsion

How can I import some process files which are in vsd format or abd format. I would like to import it into KNIME so as to be able to integrate Process and Trasaction Data. How can this be achieved?

Would appreciate if someone could provide information.

Thanks and regards


Hi Krish,

We don’t have nodes for this specifically, but if you provide more information about the processing you’re interested in doing, something else could help.



Hi Alinebessa,

Thanks for your response to my query. The file extensions vsd format or abd format refer to VISIO and ARIS process modeler files resp. There are many users of these products and i was wanting to know if KNIME could be used for providing process mining solutions.

Trust the scenario is clear.

Thanks and regards


@PKRISH could you point to some example of this maybe in Python or R and explain how a process mining might be done in such a file? Maybe you can elaborate further.

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