Is it possible to save a color settings to file?

Hello, is there a quick way to save color settings to a file for use in another workflow?
Color port output looks like PMML but is not… any solution to convert it?


I played with the idea of extracting RGB values but then I would not know how to reinject them…

Thanks for ideas


@zioludo you could explore the node:

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Dear @mlauber71 ,
thanks… but how I convert the RGB values back in a color setting?
I looked at your workflow

and you use the RGB values in Python. I would need a node that converts the RGB value in a Knime Color model…


You can use the Model Reader for it.

The Models which are read are our top most DataPort, so you can use them for everything. Yes, even for flow variables. Which looks kind of funny, but you can write the output of a flow variable port into a “model” and read it back in and all your variables are back.

As the Colour model is also only a DataPort under the hood, you can write this out with the Model Writer and read it back in.


That’s what I was looking for.

I learned something new today! :smiley:


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