Is it possible to tokenize from a column?

Here is the Scenario I have...

I want to get all keywords from a column that has multiple entries per row, seperated by a comma. I want to take those entries and parse them out uniquely. Then i want to use those entries to search for the existance of each one through the database.


Here us an eample:

Database: users

name                   workgroup

mike                    business, callcenter, dialer

john                     business


I want to create a output that has all of the different workgroups and their users. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi, you could use the cell splitter node and choose to split by , delimiter and specify to generate output as a list cell.

now use the Ungroup node on this new list cell column.

you will now have all the work groups listed per row.

now to have all the work groups listed with associated users, simply use the groupby node. Choose to group by this newly created workgroup column from the Ungroup node. In the options tab, choose the aggregate on the username column using concatenate as the aggregate type.

hope this helps


Thanks! I actually did just that. I found a forum post from a while back that illustrated the use of split by and ungroup and then i figured it out from there. Thanks for replying.