Is "Parameterized DB Query Reader" really a replacement for "Database Looping"?

In recent KNIME versions >= 4 there are new database nodes. There is an old “legacy” node “database looping” where you can “inject” a table in the query: I use it for putting a lot of IDs into the where condition of a sql query so that I do not have get all the data but only the needed data.

According to the replacement for “database looping” is “Parameterized DB Query Reader”. But this node expects (all) data from the database. So it seems to my that I have to to a query to fetch all the data and then do the “parameterized query”. But I see no point in that for my use case since I can access that data only after the query.

Do I have understood this node in a wrong way? Is there a possibily to do a “parameterized query” on a database and not on the data of a database?

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I do not understand KNIME developers either. To me DB Looping puts small array of parameters in the in () clause. This is exactly what I need and it works fast. For Parameterized DB Query Reade every parameter looks through hole database for every parameter. Slow and irrelevant.

Does anybode have a solution besides using the old / legacy nodes?

Look here:

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