Is SDF Reader really deprecated?

I’m developing a new node for my company. One of the things that the node does is write sdf files and to do that I installed the extension “KNIME Base chemistry Types & Nodes (4.0.0. v201905312221)”. What I’m doing is using the class ‘DefaultSDFWriter’, and right now all the code and functionalities work fine, but I’m encountering a warning in Eclipse that tells me that the class is deprecated.

My questions are, why is this class deprecated if the release of the package is from 2019/05/31? Do exist other options to read/write sdf files?

Thank you!

Hi @aherrero,
yes that class is deprecated, however if you take a look into it’s javadoc, it points you to its replacement, the class.



Ohhhh… it’s true… I was reading the javadoc, but I didn’t see that…

Well, thank you very much @gab1one

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