Is that possible? Working with flexible dates, coming from an input mask

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I have to do some weekly data analytics. Therefore I receive data of 5 billion rows per week, but the weeks often are not clearly separated. So I had the situation, that I had data from a Monday within my input data which should be only until Sunday. So I would like to have a flexible date inside my node, which I can change maybe in one mask and then use in every node I want.

Is that possible? So to have some kind like an input mask at the beginning of all the nodes where I can put in a date? And this date I would use in the node as a criteria…

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Hi @DennisMB

Something like that should definitely be possible. Assume this very basic example:


Inside a component, use a Date&Time Configuration node of type Date.

Pass the flow variable that is created to a Date&Time-based Row Filter. In the flow variables section, apply the earlier created variable to start_date_time.

Upon selecting a date, the component will then only show records for the selected date and onwards.

If you want a specific from and to range, it’s a matter of repeating the process and add a second configuration node with subsequent assignment of the end_date_time variable.

For this setup, merge the variables first before passing it to the row filter.

Hope this helps!

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