Is there a node in Knime for INSERT SQL Statement?


I am trying to write data from an API to an existing table in SQL server. My table structure contains few columns that are auto generated such as row_id (auto incremental). Is there anyway I can use INSERT statement in any node so that I can map the columns of the table that I have created and the ones that are in the database?

Something like this:

Table in Kinme:

Column1    Column2
abc                xyz
ccc                ddd

Database table:

row_id    Column1    Column2
1               abc               xyz
2               ccc               ddd

Thank you.

Thank you for your response.

Database Writer doesn’t allow me to map the columns with the table in the database. I have few auto generated columns such as row_id, a timestamp of the time row was inserted. It throws error because all the rows are varchar and the timestamp is datetime.

I figured out the issue. Removed the check for Insert null for missing columns in Database writer. It works fine now.

Thank you.

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