Is there a node that exclude week ends

Hello i have a couple jobs that i have to work with dates now and only week days (example how many week days has this person worked, how many week days this person took until paying, did this pay day dropped on a week end etc)
so is there a node that when i do calculations of days it shows me or removes or dosnt count week ends?
thank you very much

There is no single node that does this. However, if you search for “weekend” on the forum there are a few examples of other users having a similar challenge, and their solutions. Have you tried any of those?

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the Extract DateTime Node can extract the weekday name for you. Then you can just filter those.
hope that helps


it worked, is not a perfect fix but from there is easy to extrapolate the info i need on some jobs with some basic math or it just work on other
thank you very much

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