Is there a way to analyze a decision tree

HI all,
I’m using KNIME to construct decision trees on various data. No I want to have a closer look at the trees, perhaps with another program (Mathematica, Python etc.). Is there a way to get the tree out on KNIME? Something as to export the structure, e.g. as a graph, (and not the image) of the tree?


have a look at the ‘Decision Tree to Ruleset’ node:



Hi Evert,
thank you for the fast reply. I know this node DT to Ruleset. This delivers only rules for the leaves of the tree, at the moment I can not see how to retrieve the whole tree (for analyzing depth, length of paths etc.)

Greets from Hanau


Hmmm. There is also the Tree Ensemble Statistics node, although I will confess to not being very familiar with it.

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