Is there a way to do a global replace on a table?

I want to do a global replace of a particular value in a file (or knime table) without having to define a particular column. Is there a way to do this?

If those values are missing, you can simply use the Missing Value node. Otherwise it becomes really tricky, but it's possible by using the Create Collection node together with the Java Snippet and do the replacement manually in Java.

You can also do this through variables and looping. If you use extract Column header to pull out the columns of interest you want to do a search and replace on, then transpose this row of column header names into a column of column header names. You can then convert these column header names into variables (using Table Row to Variable LoopStart), you can then pass these variables into the column filter node to select one column at a time (in the flow variables tab of the configuration window), followed by "string replace" and select the column name by variable in the flow variables tab in the configuration dialog, followed by loop end (column append). Hope this helps, it saves using Java which I have no idea about. Its a bit round the houses but does the trick

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here an idea based on the loop aproach mentioned above: