Is there already a solution to place a link for the DSGVO and imprint in the webportal available?

Hello all and happy new year!

I would like to ask if you found a solution to apply a DSGVO link and an imprint to the webservice? Maybe there is a solution already available, I couldn’t find anything. As far as I am aware of the laws, both links need to be available on all pages present, including login/welcome page of the service and start page of a workflow.

I do want avoid to put a quickform node on each page I have in all of the public workflows we have - that would look awful and be a lot of work.

Therefore, I am looking for an option to place the links below the working frame, next to the " © KNIME AG, Switzerland - Version 4.7.3"-tag, in the webportal.

Thanks for comments!

Hi Lars,

You can already do this by editing the WebPortal template files in /workflow_repository/config/

Building on the default templates, you can try to add your link to the knime_template_footer.html

See here for more information:



Hey Roland,

great, that was the answer I was hoping for :muscle:
Will check that and put it on the list. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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