Is there an easy way to download the nodes from this github?

I found these nodes that I would like to incorporate into my studies but I have no idea how to download them for use in KNIME 4.4.0. Does anyone know how I should go about achieving this?


Hello @ansman,

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Haven’t used these nodes but have taken a look at GitHub link and found instructions on how to use kGCN in KNIME:



Thank you Ivan!

I’ve managed to follow the majority of the instructions but I’m stuck at actually getting the nodes to work. I think I haven’t linked them to the right environment?

But when I try to configure or execute I get this error

The instructions say I should create a symbolic link from the default directory to the downloaded directory but I’m unsure of how this is done.

Hi @ansman , the symlink is applicable on a UNIX/Linux and MacOS environment. Which OS (Operating System) does your Knime run on? If it’s windows, there’s no symlink.

EDIT: After my initial post, I saw from one of your screenshots that you are running on one of the above OS I mentioned. It appears that it’s your Python environment that’s not properly set up.

It’s trying to look for no_conda_environment_selected/bin/python which does not exist.


Thank you @bruno29a!

I had a feeling that this could be the issue. I’m running macOS Mojave. Any idea as to how I could tell it to use the right environment? I created the KCGN environment with the executable file and tensorflow and also I do not believe I have successfully set the GCNK_PYTHON_PATH

Hello @ansman,

have you had any success with these nodes? I’m not aware of any forum member that could assist you (never seen topic around it until yours) so I suggest to try and reach out to authors of these nodes for help.