Is there an option to add a File Dialog?

Is there an option being planned or already available to add an interactive file choosing dialog for file readers to be shown on running?

Hi @kopfkino,

In the configuration dialog there is the option to browse for files, which lets you choose a file interactively, but I guess that is not what you meant?


Hi Marten, thank you.
That dialog is available at configuration time, when setting up the file reader node.

What I am looking for is an option to choose the input file at execution time.
That’d allow me to choose the current version of the data with each run of the workflow whereas right now I have to configure the node manually before.

Would it be possible for you to define a routine which automatically identifies the most recent version of your data file, e.g. by using a List Files node and maybe some transforming nodes? This way you could inject the path to the data file via flow variable.

Hmmh, haven’t considered that but was looking for something to get me the current date to inject part of the filename anyway … perhaps that and a file list might do … thank you.

P.S. slightly OT but - still only starting - could you point me to a matching node to setup global variables, one containing the current year and one for the current month?

One option is to use Create Date&Time Range (Nr of rows 1, use execution time) first, Extract Date&Time Fields to extract year and month afterwards and finally a Table Row to Variable node to get the information as flow variable.

Thanks Marten, will try that.