Is there no "proper" rounding in KNIME?

I’m trying to round a number like this:


The closest I could find is the “HALF EVEN” method in the “Round Double” node - which is really weird to me since it rounds to the even number:


I’m sure it has its application but I couldn’t find a ‘proper’ rounding method in the “Math” node, either.
Am I overlooking something? Many thanks in advance!

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Hello @kermitthefrog01
Did you already test Math Formula node’s roundHalfUp() ?

roundHalfUp($numeric$, 1)

Round: round(value, precision) using the half_up method

HALF_UP() is available as well in Round Double node.

CEILING() and ceil() for round up lower than half decimals (i.e. 5.43 → 5.5) in both nodes as well.



Okay, now I feel slightly stupid. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s exactly what I was looking for but the name didn’t fully register. Thanks for the pointer, @gonhaddock!

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