Isolation Forest Example

Could someone provide an example of Isolation Forest use in KNIME? I’m not expecting Pyton or R or other programming solutions.
Thank you

There is no native KNIME node for isolation forests, yet. However, we’re working on integrating the H2O Isolation Forest which you can then use via the H2O Integration. Stay tuned :slight_smile:




What about Weka 3.7 node?

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This one:

Yes. I’d like to see an example.

The conversion of strings into numbers is just ultra-rough. There would be much better ways to do this. Also you might have to toy around with the settings. And the AUC is not very impressive at the first shot.

m_074_weka_isolation_forest.knwf (1.9 MB)

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Thank you, mlauber71. Let me play with it.

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@izaychik63 if you are still interested in using Isolation Forest within KNIME, you can use the new H2O Isolation Forest nodes which are available in the latest KNIME version (4.0). You can find an example workflow here: