Issue about Hive to Spark node with comments like "--comment"


I have a problem about Hive to Spark node with comments like “–comment”.

When I used DB Table Selector node with comments berfore Hive to Spark node,
then newlines in the query are ignored and the error occurs because the query is not recognized from comments.

It is very critical issue I think…

I’d appreciate it if you could tell me how to solve this problem.


I have recently noted this phenomenon. My solution was to not use comments in the code but store them outside beneath the node or in the description.

Hi @hhkim,

It looks like the Hive to Spark node does not support comments. Thanks reporting this! Created an internal Bug Ticket about the Problem (BD-1218).

As already mentioned, the only possible workaround is to remove all comments from the SQL input.



@sascha.wolke since you are at it. Hive also does not seem to like comments Wahn using sql queries in a row. The first one would work but then they get stacked onto each other and a comment might be a problem. Not sure is there is an easy fix …

Currently, all newlines are removed, and the entire query becomes one line. As a result, everything below a comment now becomes part of the comment, and is ignored.

@mlauber71 Do you talk about a second bug? Not sure what you mean with queries in a row, comments starting with -- does not work between queries anyway. Do you have an example?

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