Issue accessing Bigquery

We have been connecting to Bigquery, and while I have been able to do that without too many issues, my colleague has been unable to connect to the same database. We are able to get through the Google Authentication (API Key) without much of a problem, but receive an error on the BigQuery Connector node:
[Simba]BigQueryJDBCDriver HttpTransport IO error : Error getting access token for service account: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target, is:

Anywhere that we should be digging into?

Hi @npatrick

thanks for sharing the error message with your question. It suggests a problem establishing a secure (https) connection: the certificate returned by the server is not trusted.

This may be because your colleague is in a different network, or using a proxy that replaces the server’s certificate with its own. Maybe you can change the proxy (File > Preferences > General > Network Connections: “Native” uses the OS settings, “Manual” uses the manually entered items.), connect or disconnect from a VPN, or similar.
If you’re in a company network, your internal IT team may also have suggestions. They may be able to provide you with a certificate you can import into KNIME, although this requires a bit of configuration: Resolving Common KNIME Certificates Problems - YouTube

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