Issue deploying workspace from analytics platform to AWS Knime Server Small instance

Today I setup an ec2 instance from the aws marketplace for a knime small server. I have successfully configured my analytics workspace to connect to that server, and have deployed a workspace I was working off of.

In the web portal, when it try to run the workflow that I deployed, I get this error. I am not sure what to do from here, do I need to downgrade my knime analytics software?

Could not load workflow '<workflow_url>' for <id>: Unable to load workflow '<workflow_name>': Unable to load workflow, it was created with a future version of KNIME (4.3.3.v202105242123). You are running 4.3.2.v202103051236.

Hi @michaeljajou , welcome to the community.

As the message says, your workflow was created from Knime 4.3.3, but you are trying to run it on Knime 4.3.2, which is an older version. You can usually do the other way around, that is using a workflow created by an older version of Knime, provided that there is backward compatibility for all the nodes you use, but not using a workflow that was created by a newer version of Knime - this behaviour is not specific to Knime only.

You need to update your Knime on your Knime Server from 4.3.2 to 4.3.3 in order to be able to use this workflow.

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Thanks @bruno29a,
Your description of an impossible future compatibility is absolutely correct.
I just want to point out that there is a setting to allow the KNIME executor to load and execute workflows made with a future version of KNIME. This does not always work, it will fail for sure if a new feature/node is used within the workflow.
You can try to set this following option within the knime-server.config to false, this can be also done via the Adminstration page of the Webportal:

com.knime.server.executor.reject_future_workflows=<true|false> [RT]
Specifies whether the Executor should reject loading workflows that have been create with future versions. For new installations the value is set to true. If no value is specified the Executor will always try to load and execute any workflow by default.

Source: KNIME Server Administration Guide