issue in executing list files node

Hi Team,

Can you please help me regarding the work flow where i am using List Files Node because i am having 4 excel files once list files node executed the output was getting it is showing as 8 excel files.

where it is adding duplicate file(extra 4 files) that dupliacte files name are starting ~$ .

aplogies for not giving the excel files because those are not able attached here and also i am using the Knime version 4.1.1

I checked in our community also many people having this issue but the solution they provide like some people gave as if it update then it will work.

and also if i shared the dummy files here also but currently i am using the latest version Knime in my personal desktop i guess for latest version may be doesn’t had issue i think so

And also i am guessing is there any location issues will be or sometimes like 3 to 4 times if change and execute after that i am not getting the error.

@bruno29a can any one please help me how can i resolve these issues.


Could you link those here? I couldn’t find such posts.

As well, if the duplicates all share the same pattern, you can filter them out using the column filter node using the “Wildcard/Regex Selection”.

Is there anything preventing you from upgrading to the newest version of KNIME since that may solve the problem?

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This should be “Owner Files” when the Excel file in question is still open or these files have not properly been deleted before:

Owner File (Same Directory as Source File)

When a previously saved file is opened for editing, for printing, or for review, Word creates a temporary file that has a .doc file name extension. This file name extension begins with a tilde (~) that is followed by a dollar sign ($) that is followed by the remainder of the original file name. This temporary file holds the logon name of person who opens the file. This temporary file is called the “owner file.”

So as @victor_palacios has suggested you would best filter them. It is possible that a new version of KNIME would automatically ignore them.

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