Issue in nightly community contribution release


I am running 2.8.0, and have found that there seems to be a problem with the update that was available this morning.  I now see the following at startup:

ERROR RepositoryManager Node org.knime.knip.imagej.core.node.IJNodeSetFactory' from plugin 'org.knime.knip.imagej2.core' could not be created.
WARN DefaultRepositoryView The following categories could not be inserted at a proper position in the node repository due to wrong positioning information.
See the corresponding plugin.xml file.
 The categories were instead appended at the end in each level.
ID: imagej1 Name: ImageJ1 After-ID: imagej2
There is also a pop-up "Problem categories..." box that reiterates some of the console info.
Kind regards

Hi James,

thanks for reporting the problem. We are currently working on this issue. We try to fix it until tomorrows nightly build.




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