Issue in python setup on KNIME server

Hi KNIME Community,

I am using KNIME Server large 4.10.3 with Executor version 4.1.2. We are facing a issue in setting up python environment on KNIME server.

We follow the step mention in given link (

our KNIME executor config is :-

but running on this we are getting following error
Server logs:-

org.knime.python2.kernel.PythonIOException: Could not start Python kernel. Error during Python installation test: Python installation could not be determined./opt/knime/knime-4.1.2/plugins/org.knime.python2.envconfigs_4.1.1.v202003021315/envconfigs/linux/ line 13: /home/knime/anaconda3/etc/profile.d/ No such file or directory
/opt/knime/knime-4.1.2/plugins/org.knime.python2.envconfigs_4.1.1.v202003021315/envconfigs/linux/ line 14: conda: command not found
/opt/knime/knime-4.1.2/plugins/org.knime.python2.envconfigs_4.1.1.v202003021315/envconfigs/linux/ line 15: python: command not found

also attaching screenshot python and conda installation on server

Can you please help us to set this up correctly ?



The configurations look ok, but it seems that the script is attempting to set up the python environment by invoking and failing to find it. I’d recommend taking a look at and see what it is trying to call, and then making sure that it has the correct location/path to call (and, of course, make sure that exists and is executable as well.)


Thanks @NDekay for you reply .
Let me try as you suggested.
will update you accordingly.


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