Issue quickstart installation - Installation user does not have write access to /server-repository


I am trying install Knime Server 4.1 (with Installation and Administration Guide) with the follows steps:

---------------------------------------------- QUICKSTART INSTALLATION ------------------------------------------------------------

1. Make sure you download the correct package (depending on your OS) and extract it into a
temporary directory.
2. Put the license file you have obtained (e.g. “server_license.xml”) into the extracted directory.
3. Copy to and modify the settings according to your needs.
For a standard installation you only need to change a few settings (if any), e.g. the installa-
tion directory, the workflow repository directory, or the initially created users. For more in-
formation about the settings consults the detailed installation instructions below.
4. Execute, if you don’t have a local KNIME Analytics Platform installation on the
server already (including all required extensions).
5. Execute


I have a problem in Step 5 when type the next command line:

camilo@camilo-Satellite-M645:~/Desktop/knime_server_4.1.0$ ./

Appears it:

Installation user does not have write access to /server-repository

I have tried modify all kind of permissions (directories, users, etc.) but it's not work. I am working in Ubuntu 14.04.

Somebody know this problem?


It looks like you defined the server repository to be "/server-repository" which is on the root of your filesystem. I guess this was not intended? Please check the value of "knime_server_repository" in the configuration file.