Issue : Row Filter controlled by a variable

Dear Knime users,

I am currently not able to exclude rows by number by using the Row Filter node. Instead of removing from Row "1" to the value of the variable, all rows are removed.... Just to see, I have tried the opposite (include Row from Row "1" to to the value of the variable), all rows are present !

I have probably not well configured the node but I really didn't find out. The "RowRangeEnd" is controlled by my variable and the variable is an integer.

There is also a warning in the console but after a simple check into the forum it doesn't seem critical. (WARN Row Filter  - Errors overwriting node settings with flow variables: Unknown variable....)

Do you have any idea ? Please find attached a screenshot.

Thank you for help.



Please, find attached the workflow

Dear Antoine,

this is unfortunaltely a small bug. But you can easily work around it.

In the flowvariables tab you need to set the row numbers 1 smaller.

e.g. if you want to remove only the first row. Set to exclude rows by number. Manually set the First row number to 1. But the flow variable controlling the last row number has to be 0 (so rownumber -1)

I will increase the severity of this issue.

Best, Iris

Dear Iris,

Thank you very much for your quick answer. Unfortunately this workflow is just a metanode of another workflow. So and if I have well understood, I cannot manually set the first row number for each iteration !

Moreover this small bug seems also present in the Row Splitter Node.




Sorry to resurrect this old post but I have come across the same issue whilst trying to refresh the end number for the filter in each iteration of a loop (by using write and read variables node from Vernalis Community nodes). The trick to subtract 1 seems to work but would be better to avoid introducing this complication if possible.

@Steve.Thornton It’s a pet bug. I just reported this as well.

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