Issue to get workflow XML summary


I tried to export the workflow XML summary of several workflows but for some of them, I got the following error.

Workflow summary couldn't be generated by the executor: (was java.lang.NullPointerException) (through reference chain: org.knime.core.util.workflowsummary.WorkflowSummaryGenerator$WorkflowSummary["workflow"]->org.knime.core.util.workflowsummary.WorkflowSummaryGenerator$Workflow$1["node"])

Do you have any suggestions ?

For your information, I am using server version 4.11.3


Hi @joel
this seems to be an old bug, which is fixed in more recent versions of KNIME. To be sure, I would need to see the full stack trace of the NPE.

We would definitely recommend an update to our more recent server products, then you also get all of the new features.

Would this be an option for you?

Hi @Iris,

Thanks for your reply.

We plan to upgrade the server to version 4.14.2 or higher (e.g. 4.15.1) this year.
In the meantime, I will track those issues and handle them manually.

Do you know if the XML schema changed in the new software version because I tried to use Analyse Workflow Summary component but I was not able to get data for the following fields:

  • WF Author
  • Creation Date
  • Last Edited
  • Last Uploaded
  • WF Description
  • WF Annotation

In fact, metadata XML element does not contain data


` and I replaced the XPath for the annotations to get them