Issue when running FuzzyAddressmatching Example Workflow


I was playing with the FuzzyAddressmatching example workflow. When running this example, I got the below warning:

WARN      Index Query                        Errors loading flow variables into node : Please provide a query

I did not change anything. How did this happen? And how can I fix it? Thank you.


Shawn S.

Hi Shawn,

is the flow you are talking about the 01503_fuzzyAddressMatching flow? I just donwloaded the flow and it executed without a problem. Can you give us some more infos e.g. which node fails and which version of KNIME you are using.




I have the same artefact. It's not an ERROR as such - the workflow doesn't fail. Just the Index Query node spits out the WARNING in between loading the next generated query.

I suspect the node always wants a valid query in memory, and when a follow-up query is generated, it's memory slot is empty, causing the warning.