Issue while performing query in mongodb reader

Knime Experts!! Hope you are doing well.

I just want some help for solving following issue :

Basically i am running Knime on server, & there i am bringing data from Mongodb.
The data which i am bringing is very large, so i have tried to bring it into some pieces buy giving range like: for data between year 2017 & 2018 & so on.

I am using following query for bringing data:
{$or: [{“GJAHR” : “2017”}, {“GJAHR”: “2018”}]} in one mongodb reader.

But here what happen is after running for some time in between, its stops bringing data.

Please guide.

Does the workflow executes when run locally? Mongo DB reader are in configured state and do not prompt a warning or error. Do you find something in the logs?

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Hi!! @Marten_Pfannenschmidt i have tried in my desktop(locally) for 500,000 line items at that time it was working.

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