Issue with Flow Variable as lowerBound in Row Filter Node


I'm getting the following error when I try to use a flow variable to set lowerBound for a Row Filter node with criteria set to "Include rows by attribute value" and "use range checking set". I manually set upper bound.


WARN  Row Filter           6:149      Errors loading flow variables into node : Coding issue: null

I attached a screenshot of a simple example that generates the error.

Top left Table Creator: a table that has some single column rows to act as a list of filter values to loop through

Table Row to Variable Loop Start: Loop through each row in this table and send it to Row Filter

Row Filter: Filter values based on the flow variable passed

Table Creator on the bottom: dummy table with some rows to be filtered through

It seems the issue is related to using a flow variable for "lowerBound" as any way I try to do it, it generates an error. This goes for Row Splitter node, etc.


Hi Stickenstein,

I would need the workflow to analyze this better. 

I just tried and it was working, I did the following:

  1. Configured the row filter with 0 as lower bound (This needs to be done so the value shows up in the flow variables, the 0 will not be used)
  2. Used my flow variable in the flow variable tab as value for the lower bound
  3. execute the table row to variable node once, so the flow variable is created

Does this help? Can you try if you have done the same steps as above? Afterwards no more warnings should be there.

Cheers, Iris