issue with getting binary data on 2nd row from the table

I am having an issue with the REST GET node for Microsoft Graph API. For the particular GET API, the REST GET API is supposed to return a binary object in the body and the content type is jpg. It worked fine with the first row/record but on subsequent row it is missing value in the body, despite having a status of 200.

Hovering over the ? in the output of the 2nd row, Knime returns the following error message -> missing value (Duplicate key detected: “BinaryObject-0”). It seems like the REST node is trying to write the body content to BinaryObject-0 again? Wouldn’t this variable increment for the 2nd row?

Any help would be appreciated and I am pretty new to Knime so please excuse me if I misuse the Knime terms.

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I ended up using the HTTP retriever and HTTP result data extractor. It is now working as expected.

There seems to be a bug with the REST GET node to get past the first table row of retrieving binary body.


Hi @kkam -

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting your workaround. We’ll investigate further about potential issues with the GET Request node.

I have the same issue here. I am trying to access PubChem via the substance ID in a call ike e.g. to get the structures of chemical compounds. In ~300 out of 3000 cases (the first time at row numer 30, I use a chuck loop witz size 100 ), I get the Duplicate key detected: “BinaryObject-0” instead of the expected sdf (text based format file).
I am using the workaround right now as well (Thanks! @kkam!) , but would appreciate to get infos on whats going on as we work quite frequently with APIs.

Thanks! Jennifer

Hi @kkam and @jenniferh -

Do either of you have a workflow handy that reliably reproduces the problem? I’d like to send something on to our developers, if possible. Thanks!


@ScottF took me quite a while to get something reproducible and sharable but I have attached a workflow which shows the problem. It contains both solutions, the lower is the problem for the REST node and the upper is the HTTP retriever solution. What I found interesting is that with the rest I either get response 200 or empty, but in the HTTP retriever node I quite often experience a 503 timeout error and I am not sure how this comes about. It would be great to know if its the server or if there is something else I need to consider for the HTTP retriever as so far, unfortunately both options are not really working for me right now.
In my original workflow I have about 3000 URLs, and I use a chunk of 100 for one request. The API specifies that no more than 5 requests per second should be made.

Thanks for your help!

REST_problem.knwf (48.3 KB)

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Thanks - I’ve created a ticket for this in our system. I’ll let you know when there are any updates.


Bumping this thread to note that this issue should now be fixed in KNIME AP 4.2. If you still run into problems here - please let us know!