Issue with getting tag cloud image when running in Batch mode


I am using KNIME to generate a Tag cloud. I am using a combination of below three nodes to save the generated tag cloud image on to the file system

1.Tag cloud

2. Image to Table

3. Image column writer

 I am also using flow variables to pass the value of the directory where the image should be saved.

Thr workflow is working fine in GUI mode but when i run the same in Batch mode, the tag cloud image is not getting generated.

Below is the command i am using

knime.exe -consoleLog -noexit -reset -nosplash "--launcher.suppressErrors" -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -workflow.variable=dirlocation,"D:\KNIME\TestFilesFlow",String -workflow.variable=csvfilelocation,"D:\KNIME\Classes.csv",String -workflow.variable=tagcloudimagedir,"D:\KNIME\Classes.png",String -workflowFile="D:\KNIME\Workflows\new\"


The three workflow variables have the following meaning

dirlocation - location where the source files are present which are used as input

csvfilelocation - The information shown in tag cloud is also saved in csv file. This is working in batch mode also.

tagcloudimagedir - Directory where the tag cloud image will be saved.


also attaching my workflow

tagcloudimagedir is not a directory, but a file path in your command.  Does this help?