Issue with KNIME R version

I would deinstall all R packages from KNIME as there are

  • R integration for KNIME
  • R Scripting extension (third party extension)
  • R Binaries (for Windows)

I would then make sure that you have the latest R Version (3.5.1) on your computer, that you can do something with it via RStudio.

Install the latest version of RServe (1.8-6)
install.packages(‘Rserve’,"", type="source”)

that you can load the RServe library in R, like:

Rserve(args = “–vanilla”)

then you should just reinstall the ‘official’ R integration for KNIME and point the preferences to the location of your R version. Press apply and make sure there are no error messages like ‘no RServe found’.

Not sure if a clean start of KNIME might also help

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